World Smile Day

October 7, 2016 is World Smile Day (WSD), a day to honor Harvey Ball mission. As the creator of the iconic yellow smiley face, Harvey’s happy yellow smiling face’s intent was to spread good will and cheer. Around the world, WSD Ambassadors will live by the mantra - “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.” With this initiative in mind, there are many people who need reminders of the good in their life and you could be the one to make them smile.

Here are a few ways to spread smiles to friends, family, and even, strangers:


World Smile Day

You’ve Got Mail — Send a letter, card or postcard through the mail. Not email, the actual postal service! Nowadays people aren’t used to checking the mailbox for more than sales papers, junk mail and bills. Show someone you care with a handwritten note. 

Pay It Forward — On your morning coffee run, pay for the car behind you. We often hear about this small act, but its potential impact is huge. You never know what kind of morning that person in line behind you is having and your generosity could change the tone for their entire day. 

Give Your Time — Whether it’s volunteering at a local school or food pantry, watching a friends’ new baby or sitting with an elderly relative, give someone the gift of time. 

There is always a way to make someone smile. Make it your mission on October 7th to help someone find theirs! 

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