Summer Travel Tips

It’s time for open roads, tropical beaches and sights to be seen – summer travel season is upon us! While vacation means relaxation and down time, planning and traveling to your destination might cause stress. Worry no more – there are travel tips and tricks to ease your anxiety!
Make a packing list your priority
Writing things down helps trigger our brains to remember. By writing down the things you need to take along on a trip, you are able to make sure your necessities are in tow. Pack the list in your suitcase and use it to re-pack at the end of your journey.
Gear up
If you are traveling with small children or babies, make sure you plan for all the gear you will need. Ask your hotel or lodging accommodation contact if cribs are available. Look for local rentals for strollers and other items to help lighten your load.
Keep the kids occupied
If you have a long car ride or flight ahead of you, make sure you pack activities for the kids to pass the time. Limit screen time as much as possible and play games like “I Spy” or “Restaurant Race.” Surprise treats are always a nice distraction for little ones.
Remember the journey
Trips are meant to be memorable, so take the time to savor every minute. Take lots of photos and journal special family moments. Purchase a picture frame from your trip and print out your favorite family photo to remember the trip all year long.
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