ROI and Utilization

MiD helped a school system in Georgia save $141,715 in 2017.


• Azithromycin
• Amoxicillin
• Amoxicillin-pot clavulanate
• Benzonatate
• Methylprednisolone
• URI - Acute
• Acute pharyngitis
• Acute sinusitis
• Acute maxillary sinusitis
• Sinusitis


 What our members have to say…

"I really wasn’t expecting a good doctor-patient connection with just a few minutes on the phone- but he was great! He made me feel like my call was important and he was really there to help me. Thank you VERY much Dr. Carter."


"Very personable. Made a ‘human connection’ first and then began the routine of determining the reason I called. Just the experience I would have had if I had gone to my primary care physician!"


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