Red Apple Day

Celebrate National Eat a Red Apple Day

Grandmothers have told their grandchildren for years, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but how true is this old saying? Although there is no successful study that proves an apple a day keeps a person from a doctor’s visit, it is a highly nutritional food and one you should definitely keep in your diet.

How can you celebrate National Eat a Red Apple Day on December 1st? Here are some fun ways to enjoy these shiny skinned, delicious fruits:

Try a new variety 

:There are thousands of different types of apples. Take a tour at your local fruit stand or grocer and pick some you have never tried before.


Dip them 

:Try dipping your sliced apples in homemade caramel sauce or peanut butter. A great afternoon snack packed with vitamins and flavor.


Incorporate into a new recipe

:Try incorporating apples into your recipes. Not only are they great in baked desserts, they are quite tasty in salads and pork dishes.


Host a taste test

:Gather all the different varieties of red apples that you can find, along with your kiddos, and have a taste test. Cut the apples in bite size pieces and let them pick their favorite.


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