Protect your athlete from injury

Sprains, strains, pulled muscles and casts! School is back in session and youth athletes are back on the field with long practices and games under Friday night lights. Help them stay in the game this season with minimal injuries.


Find a league that fits your child’s goals

In our highly competitive society, parents often rush their player into aggressive sports leagues that they may or may not be ready for. Whatever sport your child plays, make sure the team/organization they play for fits into the overall goal of living an active lifestyle, as well as any long-term goals your player has, whether that be for pure enjoyment or working toward a future college scholarship.


Always use proper protective gear

Batting helmets and chest protectors were invented to keep players safe. Ask your child’s coach about suggested, as well as required, protective gear you should invest in. Once your child has the appropriate gear, make sure they use it properly – even for practices!


Warm-ups and Cool-downs are necessary

Most coaches will institute a routine of warm-up exercises and cool-down stretches for their players. These tasks are very important for getting muscles ready to work and ready to rest. If your child is late to practice or a game, make sure they go off to the side to stretch or throw to get those muscles ready for action.


Keeping hydrated

Make sure your player has a water cooler and/or access to water throughout practices and games. Most teams keep sports drinks available for players, as well.


Treating injuries with the RICE method

If your player does experience a minor sprain or strain, practice the RICE method – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. If the injury persists, schedule an appointment with your pediatrician.


We cannot protect our children from all injuries but giving them the opportunity to play in safe environments by learning proper sport technique is a great way to start. As parents, the best thing to do is cheer your loudest and encourage your player! Go, Team!


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