Make A Difference Day

For 25 years, Make a Difference Day has established a day in which people across the country can visualize the impact they have on their communities. Held the fourth Saturday of October each year, service projects big and small are accomplished by local non-profits, community groups and churches.

How can you become involved?


Establish a Project — Decide what sort of community project you want to complete. 
Register your Project — Register your project on 
Gather your Team — Find friends, family or co-workers who are willing to help with your initiative. 
Compile your Resources — Use the tools on the Make a Difference website to help you compile resources for your project or reach out to local retailers for donations. 
Be Project Day Ready — Make a checklist so you can keep track of everything for your project day. 
Communicate with Volunteers — A few days before, reach out to volunteers with important information like where to park, what time to arrive, what to wear, etc. 
Document Your Progress — Use social media to document your progress and showcase your hard work. 
Thank your Team — Make sure to thank your team with breakfast, lunch or some sort of treat. Celebrate a job well-done! 

Get planning and set your goal – big or small – to make an impact! For more information on Make a Difference Day, visit

*The list compiled within this post is an idea of organizing a project. For more detailed information, visit the Make a Difference Day website.

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