Holidays 2018

Giving Gifts from the Heart 

This time of the year is filled with the hustle of finding the perfect gift for that cousin you see once a year or that expensive toy for your nephews who already have everything. Why not re-evaluate your gift-giving strategy and take the stress off your pocket book and mind? 

Gifts from the heart – If you’re feeling crafty, invest in the supplies to create perfect, homemade holiday gifts. Pinterest and other online resources offer a variety of gift ideas including handmade soaps and candles, holiday wreaths and decorations and much more. 

Make a charitable donation – Gifts don’t have to be tangible. Making a charitable donation to an organization dear to your loved ones’ heart would be a thoughtful option.  

Give the gift of experiences – Rather than the latest and greatest toy, give the gift of experience. Whether it’s annual passes to your local zoo or aquarium, or a trip the whole family will enjoy, this gift will create a lifetime of memories. 

Adopt a family in need – Shake things up this year and adopt a child or family in need, rather than stressing over what to get each other. Research local organizations that organize holiday adoptions for more information. 

There are so many ways to celebrate the season! Take the time to enjoy it and savor this special time with family and friends. 


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