Holiday Survival

‘Tis the season for over shopping, over eating and over scheduling! With so many commitments this time of year, how is it possible to actually enjoy this festive time with friends and family? There are ways to navigate the calendar and celebrate the season.

Use your calendar as a navigation guide

:Utilize a family calendar of events – either hard copy or electronic – and put every party, performance, work event, practice, family gathering, etc., for every member of your family on it. This will give you an overview of everything that is to come and an idea of what can be eliminated from your schedule. It will also help parents learn to divide and conquer if kids have overlapping events.


Make your gift-giving list

:If you’re planning to buy gifts for lots of family and friends, make a list. Brainstorm gift ideas for each individual ahead of time and consider online shopping to reduce those many trips to the crowded shopping mall.


Learn to say “no”

:It’s hard to say “no” during the holidays, but learning to do so, politely, can reduce the level of stress your experience. Most people understand how overextended individuals can become during this time of year, so remember, you can’t do it all (and no one should expect you too!)


Semi-homemade help

:Cookie baking, party hostess-ing and turkey basting all come with the holiday territory. Let your local grocer or favorite bakery help with some of the work. Buy those frosted sweet treats instead of slaving in the kitchen for hours. Visit your local butcher for help with the main course. These simple tactics save your most valuable resource – time.


Keep in mind what this time of year is all about – counting blessings with family and friends. Take time to make memories of fun-filled caroling and games, instead of chaos and stress. Happy Holidays!


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