Happy Thanksgiving

A Healthy Thanksgiving? It Can Be Done!

Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings and eat until we burst, right? Don’t pull on those fat-pants just yet! Take the right steps to enjoy your favorite traditional foods without over-doing it.


Eat a healthy breakfast – Eating a balanced breakfast is a healthy habit that helps your metabolism kick in. If you know you are going to have a day filled with food temptations, plan for a well-balanced breakfast to help fill you up.


Don’t fill up on appetizers – Many Thanksgiving get-togethers include cheese trays, dips and other appetizing goodies. Stay on course by limiting your intake of these items, so you can enjoy your turkey dinner.


Limit alcohol intake – If you enjoy a glass of wine with your holiday meals, try to limit drinking your calories. Pace yourself by having a small glass while the food is cooking and be sure to drink plenty of water.


Half your plate – Make sure half, or more, of your plate is covered in vegetables. Try to avoid vegetables cooked in casseroles, or limit your portion. Select carrots, green beans or leafy greens instead.


Chose white meat over dark – Turkey is the centerpiece to any Thanksgiving table. Skip the skin and eat the lean white meat portions to save approximately 45 calories per serving.


Don’t skip dessert – Admit it, you wait all year for that piece of pumpkin or pecan pie. Don’t deprive yourself, simply save a little room to enjoy that tasty treat.


Get moving with a fun family activity – Instead of just watching football on TV, get out in the yard and play a game with the family. Not into contact sports? Take a walk around the neighborhood to work off those extra calories.


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