Wash your hands!

You probably do not realize how many surfaces you touch in a day – door handles, tables, remote controls, steering wheels, pens and the list goes on. Germs are everywhere and that is why it is so important to develop healthy hand washing habits to combat illness, especially during cold and flu season.


Water temperature 

:wet your hands with warm, running water.


Lather up

:use a good amount of soap and rub your hands together, scrubbing the top, in-between fingers and under nails.


Duration is key 

:scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds, enough time to hum the Happy Birthday song.


Rinse and dry 

:always rinse your hands with clean, running water and use a clean, dry towel to wipe away moisture.


Help your family develop good hand washing technique, especially when preparing food, cleaning up after pets, using the restroom, being in public places and taking out the garbage. If a sink is not readily available, keep hand sanitizer in your purse or vehicle to help eliminate exposure to those nasty germs.


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