Halloween Safety Tips

It’s the spookiest time of the year and the kiddos are getting super excited for costumes, tricks and lots of treats! Keep them safe with these important tips:


Halloween Safety Tips

Creative Costumes
  • Purchase or construct costumes that fit properly to prevent falls.
  • Use face paint or make-up instead of masks so children can see clearly.
  • Sew or stick reflective patches on the arm of costumes, especially on dark fabric.
  • Make sure children wear comfortable walking shoes or throw a pair in your backpack in case of sore feet.

Proactive Pedestrians
  • Walk on sidewalks wherever possible.
  • Use crosswalks to safely cross neighborhood streets.
  • Look both ways and make direct eye contact with stopped drivers before crossing.
  • Stay off your smart phone and pay attention to where you are walking.
  • Use flashlights for poorly lit walking paths.

Tainted Treats? Make 100% Certain They Are Not
  • Do not allow children to trick-or-treat from unfamiliar homes or neighbors.
  • Cardinal Rule - No eating candy until an adult has thoroughly checked it.
  • Toss homemade treats unless you know the person who made it.
  • Look for signs of treats that have been tampered with - discoloration, holes or odd marks, etc.
  • If given fruit, cut it in half and inspect before consuming.

Other Tricky Tips
  • Eat dinner before you hit the streets so kids have full bellies and don't whine for a piece of candy before you can inspect it.
  • Have a small supply of candy from your home on hand while out just in case someone has a sweet craving.
  • Participate in a trunk-or-treat at your local church or neighborhood instead of walking house to house.
  • Tell your kids to take candy they have eaten before so you all know what it is supposed to look like.
  • If you do come across tainted candy or treats, always notify local law enforcement.

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