Childhood Obesity

Working To Minimize Obesity

Childhood obesity has been an epidemic in the U.S. for many years and the month of September is used to educate and generate awareness. Working as partners with parents, educators and kids, National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month is creating a plethora of resources and information.

Childhood Obesity

Here are some helpful tips to keep kids active and healthy!

Work as a team
As a family unit, make changes together and hold each other accountable. Changes don’t have to be big, simply set small goals and work toward them together. Maybe you need to eat more veggies. Place a chart in the kitchen and keep track of who is eating the most broccoli and carrot snacks! Perhaps water is what you are lacking, designate a specific water bottle for each family member and see who can finish first. 

Get moving
Kids love to move. Help them by enrolling in a dance class or sport. On nights without practice, take a family walk through the neighborhood after dinner. Keep track of steps and make it a competition! 

Stock the fridge
Make sure there are plenty of healthy options in your refrigerator and pantry. If you keep junk in your home, kids will eat it (and adults, too!) Buy individual packs of apples and veggies for easy access. Steer clear from soda and juices and keep water bottles readily available for a quick drink. 

Limit screen time
Oh, technology can be a parent’s best friend when you just need 15 minutes to decompress from your day or get dinner going. Don’t get carried away with television or tablet time. Set limits for your children or make them earn the privilege of screen time (within reason, of course.) Turn the TV off and crank up the tunes for an impromptu dance party. 

Prepare and cook meals together
There is a lot of science & math in cooking, so pull up a stool and let the littles help with meal time. Let them measure out the ingredients, pour items into the bowl and see how fast they can stir it up. Making meal prep fun and engaging is a great way for the kiddos to understand how important eating well is for their bodies. Talk about healthy choices as you cook and let them taste test their own creations.

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