Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Let's Create Awareness This October

Breast cancer touches the lives of millions of people across the nation. This October, do something to recognize the disease that impacts so many.

Breast Cancer
Fundraise or donate
Raise awareness by hosting an event or launching a fundraising website. Or, make a personal donation in honor/memory of a loved one. 

Get involved
There are numerous national, regional and local cancer awareness organizations. Become involved and help spread the message of hope. Sit on committees to plan events or help with educational programs. 

Serve the community
Reach out to a local hospital and find ways you can support breast cancer patients as they go through treatment. Perhaps you could collect books and magazines for them to read during chemo or sew quilts to keep them warm. 

Support a friend or family member
If you know someone battling breast cancer, be there to support them and their family. Create a meal train to set up meals during treatment weeks. Offer to gather the mail, clean their home or run errands to show support. 

There are so many ways to support the fight against breast cancer and they don't take a lot of time or resources away from daily life. Be an example and help the fight to end breast cancer! 

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