Back to School - Stay on Track

It's the time of year most parents dread - back to school. The hustle and bustle of packing lunches, making breakfast and shuttling kids from school to activities can be daunting. Don't let the new school year break you down! Teach your family to thrive during this busy time of year. 


Set a schedule of tasks and stick to it. Children thrive on knowing what is next, so develop routines in the morning and evening to teach good habits and prevent arguments.  

  • Place an alarm clock in your child's bedroom and give them the opportunity to get themselves up in the mornings. 
  • Make a list of expected tasks - get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth - and place in a visible location in the home.
  • Put homework first in the evenings to knock it out ahead of activities and dinner.
  • Set a bedtime ritual - bath, teeth brushing, reading and lights out - all at the same time each night.

Use calendars to stay on track. Paper calendars work for some people and Goggle calendars work for others. Pick the right one for you to keep the family schedule straight. 

  • If you have multiple children, assign each a color and write their activities and appointments in that color ink. 
  • Use stickers forimportant appointments and sports schedules. 
  • Designate days and/or evenings with no activities as family time.
  • Make your calendar accessible for allof your family members - post it in the kitchen or office area where everyone can see it. 

Probably one of the biggest challenges for parents is coordinating healthy meals for the kids, especially during the busy school year. 

  • Plan your menus and make a grocery list.
  • Shop for groceries during non-peak hours (Friday evenings after 7 p.m. or Saturday morning before 8 a.m.)
  • Plan for grab-n-go meals for busy practice/meeting nights.
  • Stock up on healthy options and avoid high sugar, high fat snacks.
  • Prep foods on the weekends and use your crockpot for quick mealsduring the week. 

 Back to school doesn't have to mean living in chaos. With a little prep work and planning, your household can ease into those busy fall days!


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